Work Permit and Immigration Opportunity 
Work Permit and Immigration Opportunity:
This is an excellent opportunity for those applicants who are proficient in English and are willing to work in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Colombia. There are many positions available in Hospitality, Automobile Mechanics, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Farming Machine operators and Mechanics, Truck Drivers, Hotel Workers, Restaurant Workers and Managers, Food Service Operators and Managers, Cooks and Chefs. Processing time is estimated to be around six months. Our agents will review the applicant’s resume and will inform us of the job availability for the applicants. Once we get a positive job response from our agent, the applicant must sign our retainer agreement and must send us the initial deposit. Then we proceed with getting the approval for the applicant from the Province, where the job is being offered, as well as applying for the work permit from the Canadian Embassy. Thereafter the applicant must go to the chosen Province to start working in the acquired job. After a year of employment, we would proceed to apply for the permanent residency and the PR Card. Total fees for all services is $26,500.00 including all eligible family members accompanying the applicant (including Spouse, Children and Common-law relationships). The initial payment is $5,000.00 and once the work permit is issued to the applicant, the second payment of $20,000.00 will be due. The third payment of $1,500.00 will be due after one year of applicant’s employment in the chosen Province, and when the applicant becomes eligible for the permanent residency application process. The Government fees are not included and those are extra and it depends upon the number of family members that are accompanying the principal applicant.
Following documents are required initially:
  1. Passport copies (for all family members accompanying the applicant)
  2. Applicant’s resume
  3. Applicant’s proof of English proficiency (no official testing is required but telephone interview is conducted by our office)
  4. Applicant’s education, diplomas and certificates (if applicable)
  5. Signed retainer agreement and the declaration statement (to be sent from our office)
  6. Receipt of initial payment.
Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.
Best regards,

David Aryan RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
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